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The Swiss Army Knives for your business. Problem-solvers, Jacks-of-many-trades, and overall solutions experts. 

Ryan Winter


Ryan is the owner and lead consultant at Pro Business Advice. His passion is helping businesses develop visions that motivate, clearly defined roles and written processes that increase cash flow. He’s precise, empathetic, and highly skilled in a number of professional endeavors. 

His professional background includes:

  • Founder & Executive Director for an international non-profit with a focus on sustainable water access solutions and community development in East Africa
  • On-screen presenter and educator
  • Professional copywriter and proofreader for a national women’s fashion catalog 
  • Professional editor and commercial video producer for long and short-format, direct-response television programming
  • Direct of Accounts at a marketing agency
  • Lead salesperson
  • Licensed real estate broker in Florida (current) with over six years of experience
  • Chief Operating Officer & EOS Integrator for a software development company in the national RV and vehicle dealership space
  • Advertising & marketing account manager
  • Sales & Marketing Manager for a software company
  • Leader of various teams, professional and extracurricular 

Ryan lives in Florida with his wife and three boys. Ryan is an aviation and outdoor adventure enthusiast with a passion for flying planes, catching fish, kayaking, and finding new trails to hike. 

Dan Zehner


Dan lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and three children, serving as the Facility Scheduling and Operations Coordinator for the Network Coordination Office (NCO) NSF’s Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI). He is also a coach, facilitator, and teacher with over 5 years of experience. He has been featured on several podcasts, including the Dad Edge, The Disaster Podcast, Adventure Bound, Exploring the Prophetic with Shawn Bolz, and his shows, The Anthem of the Adventurer and DesignSafe Radio. He is passionate about bringing teams together around a common mission and equipping them for sustainable performance. His wide variety of interests and expertise make him an asset to any team. Don’t let the beard scare you; he’s got a big heart under that gruff exterior!

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