Get the most important benefits of a full-time operations leader at a fraction of the cost with positive results in the first week.

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Our Beliefs

Clear Vision

The most successful movements, organizations, religions, and governments share one thing in common: They all have a guiding document on which everything is based. Businesses should be no different. Plans may change, but change is all you have if you have no plan.

Documented Processes

Standard operating procedures are only helpful if your team uses them. Effective teams embrace accountability and view it as a tool to help them succeed.

SOPs + effective teams = successful businesses.

Weekly Accountability

The best way to waste thousands of dollars on marketing and sales is to skip these critical business elements: A written plan (SOP), a vision shared by all, and procedures followed by all. Marketing and sales efforts cost less and are more effective when those elements are in place.

Why Us

You don't need someone to tell you how to run a better business. You need results. We don't coach...we deliver.

There are plenty of books you can read and coaches you can hire that will tell you what you can do to operate a more profitable, more effective, or more efficient business.

Here’s the problem with that…you’re busy. 

Our clients tell us that they like working with us because we don’t simply tell them what to do. We’ll implement the solutions we provide. 

We’re not just some renegades who will come in an upend your business. That’s not our style.

We will work with you to develop customized solutions to the problems that your business is facing. We’ll apply our experience and lessons learned from other clients. Then we’ll implement those solutions with your team.

If you want more results and less advice without taking huge risks hiring costly operations executives, we may be a good fit. 

Our Approach

Month 1 Focus

  • Vision
  • Trust
  • Right Person, Right Seat

Month 2 Focus

  • Learn What’s Really Going On
  • Establish a Cadence of Accountability
  • Leadership Team Strategic Thinking
  • Learn What Your Customers are Thinking
  • Identify Issues

Months 3+ Focus

  • Written Standard Operating Procedures
  • Specific Goal-Setting & Achievement
  • Productivity Number Reporting
  • Process Enhancement
  • Team Training

Our Tactics

*These are examples based on what has worked with previous clients. Your tactics may vary based on your unique situation.

Month 1

  • Clear, Written Vision Document (your company’s vision should be more than one sentence)
  • Job Role Review Powered by Economic Research Institute Salary Data
  • Chart of Accountability Review & Revision or Development
  • Develop Trust with Your Team
  • Roll Out Your Vision
  • And More

Month 2

  • Weekly CEO Strategy Session
  • Weekly Leadership Team Strategic Meeting
  • Weekly Productivity Session with Each of Your Employees
  • Uncover Common Issues and Discover Silos
  • Customer Survey

Months 3+

  • Develop Your Standard Operating Procedures – Addressing Major Issues First
  • Teach Your Team How to Use Your Company’s Online Process & Training Hub
  • Develop Productivity Numbers for Everyone on Your Team
  • Listen, Learn, Think, Get Buy-In, Develop Processes, Roll Out Processes, Teach Your Team

Your Results

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Everyone on your team will know why your company does what it does, why they are a great fit, why they are doing the right things, and how they can do their work in the best way.

Increased Profitability

Greater trust, clear weekly deliverables, and effective processes will increase your bottom line. 

Peace, Time, & Control

We are in the business of developing systems and processes that will continue to be implemented by your company even after we’re gone. And, that’s the goal. We want to work ourselves out of a job as your company hits its stride. 

Our Values Drive Us

Do the right thing. 

Be likable and work with people we like. 

Seek adventure. 

Don’t do it alone.

Be givers.

Question what is common.