Every business needs the same thing: profitability. Our services reflect a step-by-step approach to more profit with plenty of room for customization. 

Standard Operating
Procedures Document

When you read “Standard Operating Procedure,” do the words “boring, useless, & cumbersome” come to mind?

If so, you’ve likely never worked with an effective SOP document.

The US military uses standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure that everyone in a specific job role can perform the job the same way every time, regardless of who is doing the job. One soldier said, “They’re dummy-proof and a saving grace every day.”

Toyota uses SOPs so every vehicle on an assembly line comes out like the last one. Imagine purchasing a Tacoma and getting a Camry with off-road tires because “that’s just what Toyota had to work with at the time.”

SOPs are powerful tools that make businesses run correctly and uniformly day after day. They comprise the master guiding document that guarantees the company’s vision will come to life. An SOP document is your business on paper. Businesses without SOPs rely heavily on luck,  circumstances, and good people to achieve their goals. Businesses without SOPs often struggle when they lose trusted employees or “ride the wave of success” for too long without planning for the future. Well-written, up-to-date SOPs are precious assets for businesses looking to transition leadership or sell the company. 

So why don’t businesses have documented SOPs? Simple. They take a lot of mental energy and time to produce. For small-to-midsized businesses, a leader’s time is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars per hour, so stepping away from “production” could cost the company thousands.

When businesses outsource their SOP document to us, we turn simple, timely conversations with key business leaders into detailed SOPs that reflect the company vision and serve as practical tools for every employee and future leader. 

It’s never too late to write SOPs. Seasoned businesses are often the ones that experience the most significant gains from newly developed SOPs. Much like a menu in a Michelin Star restaurant, our clients can choose which components of their SOP document they want to start with…from capturing their vision for the business to writing down IT security guidelines. If there needs to be a process, we can document it.

Much like a Michelin Star restaurant follows hyper-specific recipes to produce each plate, we follow a standardized process for capturing and writing down our clients’ processes (bet you didn’t see that one coming). This keeps our clients’ time commitments reasonable.

But how could we possibly write an SOP for a business that is highly technical, confusing, or just plain disorganized beyond repair? 

  1. We follow the same process every time. We believe the people and things that comprise a business are unique, but how businesses should function is similar across the board. 
  2. We’re curious. We are highly skilled at pulling information out of the heads of key business leaders and inserting it into SOP documents. 
  3. We rely on business leaders to sacrifice some time, but not as much as they would without us, to help us refine their SOPs. 
  4. Once completed, we’ll deliver the final SOP document to the client and discuss next steps. 
  5. Typically, clients will invite us to communicate the SOPs to relevant staff and coach them on successfully implementing them through weekly one-on-one sessions in our online portal.

Build your business by design. Contact us today to discuss how SOPs will make your business more effective and profitable. 

Staff Check-Ins
& Online Classes

Standard operating procedures are no good if they sit on a shelf. We believe that even the most effective team members need ongoing encouragement or a listening ear to help process things. 

We created to serve as a central hub for weekly check-ins between one of our consultants and your team members. Plus, your team can access helpful content and your company’s SOP document all in one place. Your company will get its own dedicated space plus access to community resources. We can even turn your SOP document into online classes custom-tailored for your business to enhance your employee onboarding process. and continuing education. 

Turn your SOPs into useful tools and help your team leverage them.

Fractional Chief
Operating Officer

Our fractional COO offering is ideal for companies that have complex operational challenges that don’t necessarily require new SOP documents, staff check-ins, or educational material development. 

This custom solution varies from client to client. 

Issues we can tackle:

  • Vision alignment
  • Elimitaing “silos”
  • Culture
  • Turning data into action
  • Identifying and improving toxic professional relationships
  • Execution confidence – validating timing for big decisions
  • Discovering what’s lacking
  • Establishing mentorship programs
  • Permanent COO job description development
  • And more…we’re problem-solvers who bring a fresh perspective and shake things up in the right ways.
Free your mind and get some help solving big problems. 

Fractional Chief
Marketing Officer

Like our fractional COO model, the fractional CMO offering is designed to help business leaders or marketing teams solve complex marketing issues. We have experience leading marketing teams in agencies and on the client side. We’ll transfer that experience to your situation.

Some areas in which we can provide tremendous value: 

  • Building an effective internal marketing team
  • When to hire the right marketing agency
  • Product development
  • Product marketing strategy
  • Branding
  • Marketing budget planning
  • Campaign strategy
  • Audience development
  • Advertising audit
  • Copywriting leadership
  • Aligning marketing with sales
  • And more

Spend your marketing dollars effectively. 

Website Design

Your company’s website represents your customers’ first interaction with your brand in most cases.

We believe that the people best equipped to build your website are those who fully understand your business’ vision and operations. That’s why we build websites. By developing standard operating procedures and getting to know critical staff, we’re well-prepared to build effective websites for our clients.

Stop wasting money on website do-overs or ineffective marketing agencies. We’ll build a perfectly aligned website for your company.

Digital Marketing

We offer focused marketing services to help our clients grow. Our approach is based on the standard operating procedures we develop for our clients. This eliminates ambiguity and wasted time that most agencies charge extra for. 

Critical marketing services that we provide at great rates:

  • Google ads
  • Meta (Facebook/Instagram) ads
  • SEO
  • Complex websites
  • Simple websites
  • Website hosting and security
  • Graphics
  • Videos
  • Still photography
  • Other advertising
  • Social media posting

Explore simple marketing solutions with significant impact.

Define your vision and see it come to life in a more profitable business.

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